Aliveri (Greek: Αλιβέρι) is a town and a community in the island of Euboea, Greece. It is part of the municipal unit Taminaioi, and the seat of the municipality Kymi-Aliveri. Aliveri is situated in the eastern part of the island, on the South Euboean Gulf. It is 13 km southwest of Avlonari, 14 km east of Amarynthos and 39 km east of Chalcis. The Greek National Road 44 (Thebes – Chalcis – Karystos) passes through the town.

The community Aliveri consists of the town Aliveri and the villages Anthoupoli, Katakalos, Latas and Milaki. Aliveri is mostly an industrial town. The biggest cement factory of Greece and a power generating plant of the Public Power Corporation (ΔΕΗ) are located in Aliveri. The lignite fired power plant began producing power in 1955. As the lignite seam has been exhausted now, the power plant is using oil. In the area, there is also marble mining industry. Aliveri has a picturesque harbor called “Karavos”.

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Roman Baths and Venetian Tower in the thermal power plant PPC
Rizokastro or Rizopyrgos venecian pyrgokastello Aliveri
Ekklisidio Assumption Aliveri
Red church Aliveri
Mycenaean tomb Katakalou
Venetian Tower Trachili
Dark Cave Tharrounia
Venetian Tower in Milaki

The Karavos is about 1,5 km from Aliveri and is essentially the beach Aliveri picturesque harbor, with many taverns and club ideal for dining and nightlife as you bathe in and incredible beaches.

Lake Dystos
Lake of Dystos located 7 km away from Aliveri and is one of the protected wetlands of Greece. The rich flora comprises more than 70 different species of birds, including ducks, geese, moorhens, herons, etc., most of which use the area as a station in their migratory journey to Africa.


A visit to the beach where you will Mourteri enchanted by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the beach Mourteri is one of the longest beaches of Evia with sand and pebbles on the bottom and still is a beautiful wild beach with waves as high as 4 measures as they are exposed to the Aegean, along will find several taverns and cafes.

The mountain-sea contrast is very strong here, one of the most picturesque beaches in Euboea, where you can feel free from any encumbrance of everyday watching the deep blue sea, near the beach, you will find the location of drinking water wells Digestive, the source on site is thermal and the water cure of stomach and kidney disease.

Agioi Apostoloi
Holy Apostles beach is most known as the stones from the village, located just aboveIt is a picturesque port with several cafes and fish restaurants, taste the freshest fish ever ate from the local fishermen and swim in the most peacefull natural harbor cut from the rough waters of the Aegean also visit the nearby beaches scale, Kakolimano, Liani Ammos mouth, hand mills.

A majestic location with 2 successive beaches separated by a cluster of rocks, first beach is called by the locals “good” because it is usually calmer waters, while the second “Wicked” because it is usually more “roughened” the waters.Ales famous beaches are: St. Mercurius, Aili, Akti Nireos, Gardos, Kakolimano , Aliveriou Kalami, Kalami, Arlona, Campos, Karavos, Klimaki, Koskina, Liani Ammos, Mageiras, Bournias, Pontikou, Rifi, Stomio.

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